Wedding Gift Idea

Published 22 May 2015 - View in art shop

Why not add an original painting to your wedding gift list?

Flowers in a vase
Italian Landscape with blue wild flowers
Red plums
The cherry tree
Blue storm
Clementines on carpet
Blue green
Two bottles
Autumn Ardeche
Light at cross

An Original Oil Painting is a unique and memorable present to offer the happy couple on their special day.

The soon-to-be newly weds can select a painting or paintings that they would like as a gift. Guests interested in donating towards the painting as a present can contact us directly. Each painting has a reference so you know exactly which painting they have selected.

Several guests can donate towards a painting making it a more viable and practical purchase.

A painting not only livens up your home, it lasts forever in your life wherever you live...

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