“Horizons” - Landscape Energy Series

Published 13 November 2014 - View in art shop

What is this series about and when do I know when to stop?

Long Dark Storm
Brown Storm
Blue Storm
Fenland Storm
Landscape Energy 2
Landscape Energy
Sand Storm

What is this series about?

Firstly it’s open ended, as the landscape itself is so varied, this is just a glimpse.
Secondly, this is not about an image i.e. a photographic likeness, but about the energy, movement and change around us shown in the shifting shapes of a view.
If we think of paint as a pigment, colour, which is floating in a ‘vehicle’ i.e. oil water etc; rather than just a paste out of a tube. We see it can move, flow and stop depending on the amount and thickness of the oil/turps or water.
I use this quality so the paint can move, creating different surfaces,some smooth and flat, some textured, creating sharp and soft edges.
Another important element is chance, which cannot be imagined but can be taken advantage of!
By always having a horizon line, an “anchor” point is created for the “observer” ,and enables me to be more ambitious with the marks.
This horizon line also provides a separation, sky to sea or land. These two elements can oppose or reflect each other.

How do I know when to stop?

When there seems to be a balance throughout.
When the final sense or mood is familiar and strange at the same time.
When, despite having resolved some of the colour relationships etc, there is always a sense of mystery.

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