Interface Series

Published 30 September 2014 - View in art shop

The thinking behind the interface is that it’s where two faces meet and what happens at that point. For instance, where the sky meets the sea or the sea meets the land; at any point of change there’s a lot of activity going on almost electric energy occurring. It can be two fairly calm surfaces that produce a lot of activity when they meet. This analogy can be applied to other scenarios ie two people meeting and their reaction - more on an energy level than an image level.

Interface Electric
Interface with Turquoise
Interface Flora
Interface Purple & Turquoise
Where Air Meets Water

I am searching when I’m painting, not in any way trying to represent a character, but just to see what it looks like in a moment in time. Different from a photograph a painted portrait reflects the moment in time of both the person painted and the painter. It could be said that all paintings are self portraits even though you are painting someone else, you are allowing yourself to paint in just the way you feel. You’re not wanting to make it pretty, you’re just doing what you are doing at that moment.

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